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        The Arts on Campus

        Start Thinking Differently  - Arts Pass

        The arts at the University of Utah are as abundant and diverse as they are accessible. Between the five academic units in the College of Fine Arts and the three professional arts organizations (Utah Museum of Fine Arts, UtahPresents and Pioneer Theatre Company), there are hundreds of plays, performances, exhibits, concerts, film screenings and chances to interact with local and international artists every year.

        The best part is that through the U's Arts Pass program, students can use their Ucard to get free or deeply-discounted access to interesting, perspective-widening, curiosity-piquing, creativity-catalyzing events.

        This award-winning program is funded by students Fine Arts Fees and is important because more and more research is showing the positive impacts of the arts on education. The findings are significant: exposure to the arts is linked with better critical thinking skills, greater social tolerance, a greater likelihood of seeking out art and culture in the future, and better workforce opportunities.

        Visit artspass.utah.edu to find out how to get your tickets and see events you might want to add your calendar.


        Academic Arts

        Learn More About Academic Arts

        Find your voice. Fuel your passion. Ignite your future.

        The University of Utah College of Fine Arts faculty and programs challenge, immerse and ultimately prepare the committed student for a rewarding career. While here, students study under passionate, world-renowned faculty who provide exciting, diverse experiences that are truly life changing for our students. And the rigorous practice and ardent curriculum prepares our students to gracefully transition from their education into meaningful lives as artists, scholars, educators, and creative thinkers in any field. Our alumni become change factors in their communities and full participants as global citizens. For more information, visit the College of Fine Arts website or that of its five academic units:

        Professional Arts

        Learn More About Professional ArtsProfessional artists of all kinds visit the U each year to lecture, tutor, create, and perform. Campus is home to a variety of venues, ranging range from the small and intimate to the spacious and grand, where the arts are enjoyed and nourished. 

        Arts Events

        More Events

        The Finer Points: Where the Arts Come Together

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